Tuesday, 29 November 2011

please don't catch me

i apologize so much for not having anything to post for a long while but this is what happens when you're going through exams and then have nothing else to do but work. i've been out a few times but nothing interesting to share as i didn't take any photos and wore the simplest of things due to the heat. i can share one thing though.

this is the new dream catcher necklace that i bought today and i'm so happy with it. only cost me 4$aud at gloss and, even though it's not brilliant quality, i barely care as it's just a fashion accessory anyway (my actual dream catcher, on another hand, was a present from my sister (in other words, i stole it off her when she moved out) and i'm thinking that i should probably return the gift by getting her a new one. there's some really beautiful ones at the markets.