Thursday, 26 April 2012


model: annmarie nicole geradis

just some of my recent work with my friend, sydney based dancer, annmarie. we shot in my studio one night and the results were quite brilliant. we also caught up over talk about our old dance school, agencies, band photography and the breaking of pointe shoes.


i've been having the most horrible urge to shop and buy pretty things lately, but considering the small financial funk i am currently in, it just doesn't seem like the smartest idea for me. also, having spent $3000 recently just on clothes and expenses in the states, and since i still have a few pieces that i've yet to touch, going out to buy more things just seems silly. i'm also trying to save up money to get a new lens and flash so i have to keep that in mind.
however, we all know that i love to torture myself, so here's a few things i would buy if i had that i keep dreaming about it, no limit and doesn't need to be paid back credit card:

  • jeffrey campbell studded lita boots
  • alexander mcqueen skull zip boots
  • tie dyed high waisted shorts
  • so many 'sober is sexy' singlets
  • an oversized hello kitty sweater
  • burberry trench coats
  • mac cremesheen lipsticks
  • a black chanel lipstick
  • topshop velvet backless dress
  • blackmilk nebula tights
  • more amazing clothes

but... since i'm a very dedicated little girl, this is what i'm buying:

  • a kg of silver glitter
  • a canon 50mm f1.4 lens
  • a canon speedlite 580ex ii flash
  • some kind of coloured 'toy' smoke bomb material
  • duct tape and old barbie dolls
  • fake blood
  • feathers and ornamental bird cages
  • sheet music

isn't this lovely?

Thursday, 19 April 2012

whispy love

clothing designer: whispy love
make up: tara lawrence
models: ashley henderson and gemma tontu

we were meant to shoot in the park but the day ended up being the rainiest in the longest of time, so we shot in the designer's apartment. here's to a day of dreams, bows, hairbands, puppies, tea, doritos, rolling on the floor and ballerina arms.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


i hope everyone is doing good. 
i recently hit 100 likes on my facebook page and i'm ridiculously happy, but as usual would really like to get even more. please like my facebook page if you're reading this, takes a second and means the world to me: here. i've been organising quite a number of photo shoots lately but had a bit of a break due to easter. i haven't been to the easter show yet but am going on friday with my boyfriend. probably won't be bringing the camera because of there being a lot of people and really not wanting to damage anything. i ordered a few filters online though and am just waiting for them to come back. i also have my sister's studio set up at home right now so might be able to do some indoor stuff soon too.
next week tuesday i will probably be photographing for a fashion designer and there's a few special projects coming up with various models and musicians. i'm so excited! overall, i don't really have much to share in this post except maybe to show you some images from a guy who is my new favourite photographer and inspiring me so much right now.

tyler shields.

it's all so ridiculously strong and conceptual, dark and eerie without becoming pointlessly violent. i don't care if some people dislike his style, i think he's amazing.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Thursday, 5 April 2012

i have quite a collection

because darling you're a criminal
the way you move is incredible
i just want you to steal my heart
and take my breath away

just for one more day

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

behind the scenes: xemper phi

behind the scenes with xemper phi

so much fun today although added in with uni classes, it was definitely longer than it should have been (the day, not the shoot). absolutely love these boys, such a laugh and so much fun to work with. keep a keen eye out for them because they're going places.
full shoot to be up soon.

Sunday, 1 April 2012


models: jenny mathnopraseuth and anne truong
photographer: stella thai

we took the camera out to our favourite spot today and took a bunch of photos. only ended up out there for two hours when we heard a sudden rustle and thought about five lizards were about to devour us whole (which was confirmed, minus the devouring part). pretty happy with the results.