Thursday, 1 December 2011

black swan: can't be tamed

photography: stella thai
model: charlotte howells
mua: tara lawrence

this shoot was meant to be a dark version of the previous swan lake on moon river series but it seems that we have channelled more miley cyrus than we had originally intended. no complaints in that though has charlotte is an absolute doppleganger of her. i hope you like this photos, there are more on my facebook page.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

please don't catch me

i apologize so much for not having anything to post for a long while but this is what happens when you're going through exams and then have nothing else to do but work. i've been out a few times but nothing interesting to share as i didn't take any photos and wore the simplest of things due to the heat. i can share one thing though.

this is the new dream catcher necklace that i bought today and i'm so happy with it. only cost me 4$aud at gloss and, even though it's not brilliant quality, i barely care as it's just a fashion accessory anyway (my actual dream catcher, on another hand, was a present from my sister (in other words, i stole it off her when she moved out) and i'm thinking that i should probably return the gift by getting her a new one. there's some really beautiful ones at the markets.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

desires, wants vs needs.

hi everybody. thought i'd let you all know the reason for the lack of posts - exhaustion. honestly. the lack of sleep for the past three weeks has finally caught up with me, destroyed my immune system and now i'm sick at home. i'm just spending my day watching charmed and looking after my neice, who is also sick, but it's so far been decent. i've found out that i can't get my new camera for a few months, which is frustrating, but i've already thought of a thousand things that i want to buy, and kind of can't afford.
i'd love to get my hands one some new summery dresses (edit: some more summery dresses), especially maxi dresses pulled in at my waist (the only cut that really works for my body shape), swarovski's peter pan limited edition crystals, thomas sabo necklace charms (the wings), a lot of big bang theory, good food, probably more m.a.c and nars make up and.. so on.
if i had an unlimited credit card (that i didn't need to pay back), if only.
something tells me that if i was a charmed one, i would really abuse my power.

Friday, 21 October 2011

swan lake on moon river

i had a shoot with the lovely katherine today and things were great. we got a few odd looks from passer bys because they weren't used to seeing a girl with white feathers poke out of her forehead (psh, who isn't used to that?) and some randoms screaming i love you and asking me about flashes. it was odd, but i love how so many of these photos turned out.
i hope you guys like them too, sorry about there being so many but it's hard to choose. her dress is from forever new.

photographer: stella thai
mua: tara lawrence
model: katherine soames

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

daddy will fix it nobody has to know - fairway

did some quick, simple shots for this great band fairway today which, since i did say i would post, i thought i'd share. they're such a lovely bunch and so gorgeous/talented/inspiring and... well, yes. i should be doing another photo shoot tomorrow, as long as more unfortunate cancellations done come through like they have for the past week or so. look forward to it.

checking in on the sunshine

Hey everybody. Just wanted to do a quick post and thank you for the comments and let you know, I'll be checking out blogs soon. I'm sorry I haven't posted in quite a while but I've been genuinely really sick and exhausted (too tired to even dress up - can you believe it?) so have just be focussing on assessments. I'll try and do some photos today although I can't guarantee I'll have the energy to lift that camera.
I'll show you guys my new clothes once I get around to wearing it in the cold morning.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

nothing left to lose

sweet cameron today came into jmc all bushy tailed and bright eyed, ready for a lovely photo shoot. she was amazing to work with and me, her and tara had so much fun talking and getting to know each other pre-shoot. we had an assignment due the same day too so me and ta's were running around.
don't you love this girl? she's so beautiful.

photography: stella thai
mua: tara lawrence
model: cameron hsieh

Friday, 7 October 2011

you never know what to do

it's like you're standing behind the curtains
waiting for a light
a call
a sound
some kind of signal but
it never comes and you're caught between
waiting or walking

because when you walk you turn around
but if you wait it breaks your heart

so you don't know
you just never know
and the curtain just draws heavier and darker and thicker
and the flame in your eyes die away

til you're nothing

Thursday, 6 October 2011

sweetest photo i've ever seen

i eats you
i lups you
i nom nom you

rocket queen

did some live photos for an amazing sydney band called rocket queen today as well and, let me tell you, these guys really know how to put on a brilliant performance and they're all so damn attractive too. i can't wait to shoot more live bands, it's such a different atmosphere and 'job' compared to fashion photography but i just somehow feel right at home.