Friday, 30 September 2011

all around me are familiar faces

went out onto the streets today on my way home after class and spotted quite a few amazingly stylish people, so i thought i'd start doing what i've wanted to do since i first started stylehopeful. basically, i'm a street stalker now and i am loving meeting new people, checking out their clothes, finding out more about them and taking photos so more people can see it.

this lovely lady i found near my uni, probably on her lunch break from work. i absolutely loved the subtle waves in her hair, the brilliant red lipstick and (what caught my eye immediately) her gorgeous fur jacket, which is cream coloured in real life. 

this girl is actually on both tumblr and blogspot too. i loved her eye-catching red jacket (i have one in my own wardrobe but am still too nervous to bring it out. maybe i should soon) and the gorgeous, almost vintage-inspired leopard print bag!

this girl, i practically ran after when i got off my train. her outfit was absolutely stunning and i knew that, had i missed the chance to photograph her, i would have been hitting myself on the head all day for not bolting faster. i loved her distressed/ripped jeans and those boots (that look so similar to mine) are so sweet. the leather jacket was a good touch and the shoulder cut out sweater under the cute peter pan collared shirt was perfect.

i also met two 80s rockstar looking guys today, but i did promise not to post their photo until i received detail on their band (so i can link people to that too) so you're all going to have to hold off for a little bit. can't wait to find and photograph more of you stunners!

boutique six - the sugar floss wonderland

So today, in the midst of missing my bus for class, I paid the visit to a beautiful boutique that I told myself I would yesterday. They have some very cute pieces, gorgeous unique jewellery and such a sweet atmosphere that I find it impossible to pass without looking in every time. The owner of the store, Gina, was an absolute doll (and she's gorgeous too) and let me take some photos of the store to share with you guys.
So this is the first store spotlight for the blog on Boutique Six.

I absolutely love the atmosphere that Boutique Six gives when you enter or even just pass by. It's not too cluttered but also not so tidy that it feels institutional. With the mixture of ornamental jewellery stands, stunning peeptoe heels, cute minkpink dresses and a vintage inspired decor, it's just like entering one of those sweet homely stores on the kitschy side of Newtown.


 Have I convinced everybody of how beautiful this store is yet? I think this store is bound to become one of your favourite places to visit, not just because of the gorgeous pieces, but also the lovely service and just how pleasant it is to visit a shop that isn't blaring in my ears and just feels so pleasant to be in.

Wanna visit Boutique Six?

Address: Edensor Park Plaza, Shop 6/207 Edensor Road, Edensor Park NSW 2176
Contact Number: 8786 2959

Ask Gina (or one of her awesome girls if they're in) about joining their mailing list too.

words upon a tattered heart

they tell us to live our lives like we'll die tomorrow
well today i realized that's our story
people around us live and die live and die
and it's all kind of like a circle
and it's never going to end

we are human
we are fragile and
like finger prints on glass we can be
touched or broken
cracked or shattered

this week i've been cracked
but tonight i'm close to being shattered
what a shame
what a shame

things can never be the same

Thursday, 29 September 2011

off with her head

queen of hearts photoshoot for tara lawrence's make up portfolio
model: alex fabri
mua: tara lawrence
photography: stella thai

we didn't really have much time today since after Tara finished with make up, we had about five minutes before Alex had to leave for work. it was all a pretty spur of the moment thing as i only knew about it two days ago and we basically shot with her sitting on a chair in the student lounge. she was sick, me and tara were tired but the photos turned out just as beautiful as she really is in person.

it's always post number one

i never know how to write the first post in a blog, and i usually end up writing some kind of description of myself, but i figure i might skip all of that this time, purely because too many people do that. so here's the deal with my blogspot - i have a tumblr and i guess i'm mostly on that. however, i had a problem with the nature of that platform which had become a lot more photo and reblogging based, as opposed to actually writing, which i think should be the way a real blog is run, so i started this blog. i know that after some time, it's a handful starting afresh, but i'm going to try and not bother myself too much about traffic (or lack thereof) and just use this to get both my thoughts and my work out there.
i am a fashion blogger, so i will be posting mostly about fashion, style, make up and trends. i am also a photographer so you'll be seeing some pretty photos here in addition to dresses. i also love music and an a musician myself so, who knows, there might be more regarding that as well.
either way, i hope people have fun deciphering and finding out more about my (almost nonsensical) perception of existence.