Thursday, 10 May 2012

sweet sabotage

who's ready for my first ever free curve/action day?
to be honest, i haven't really decided what day or when to do this but, being inspired by my friend, i'll probably attempt to do this regularly. 

this one i like to call sweet sabotage, mostly because of the hot pink hue it gives the image. it has a slightly retro feel when used to darker photos whilst, in more bright images, gives the impression of a bright and cheerful morning. feel free to download this curve and try it out on your own images, let me know what you think too, of course.

this is a more dramatic colour curve that i would usually use, so i'm curious to see how people alter it to fit their own images too!


  1. looks awesome! it is now part of my photoshop curves collection :) yay x

  2. Love it! Your after shot is gorgeous! :3