Friday, 20 July 2012

work experience: bangarra, david jones and underbelly

so it's been a while since i last posted. i promise that there will be a lot more shoots coming up since i'm in the planning stages of a giant handful of collaborations, but i thought that it would be fun to update people on what i've been up to. i've been doing working experience (internship? to be honest, i can't see the difference) at news ltd and so have had the opportunity to assist some amazing photographers and to do some photographing myself. unfortunately it seems that i've accidentally missed a shoot today and another may not go ahead, so i'm just here blogging since... well, what else do i know how to do? (:

these are some photos from the new bangarra dance show that is performing at the opera house. i was lucky enough to do with another photographer to a media call and got to preview one of their numbers. the dance was absolutely beautiful and hearing some of the cast and crew members talking about the show just proved how passionate they are. so much work as been put into it and the backdrops are beautifully hand painted and they have some of the most mind blowing costumes i've ever seen.
this was a beautiful show and definitely one of my favourite jobs, but my think my tip top favourite has to be...
the david jones model casting! it was absolutely overwhelming being surrounded by so many professionals, all beautiful, tall and very very polite. it was my first time attending something like this, especially so exclusive since it was a closed casting that involved a lot of different media outlets. this was definitely an amazing experience and i only wish that i get the opportunity to cover something like this again.
the best part was that most of the models were so lovely and let me take photos of them after the audition even though, as an intern, you really are kind of a nobody. the last male model (pictured above) gave me a bit of a confusion though, and i'm sure he was too, when i told him i was amazed by his ramones shirt and he asked if i wanted him to take it off!
and just for a touch of celebrity in the last few days, have some channel 9 stars. i'm sure you will know some of them from underbelly (underbelly: badness looks like it's going to be a great show and even though i've never really had the time to watch tv shows, i may make the exception for this).
this post has made me realise that i really need to start uploading images in hi-res because the quality of all the images (aside from the bangarra) look terrible!

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